The Young Beginnings

We were the closest of brothers. We did everything together, even make Chocolate Poppers with our grandma. The memories we made those holiday nights in the kitchen have stuck with us since we were young. Starting a business with our grandma's Chocolate Popper recipe has allowed us to share some of those memories with others.

Rooted in the Family

A family recipe and a drive to reach our childhood dreams of owning our own business gave us the push to pursue those dreams. The Northwest Arkansas community and all those we have encountered have given us tremendous support. We love what we do and we love the pursuit of bringing memorable moments to people's lives with our delicious Chocolate Poppers. Once you eat one, you won't be able to stop. Trust us.

Our Vision for a Sweet Future

As Simkins Brothers' Sweets evolves and grows, we can't wait for you to travel the journey with us. The journey hasn't always been smooth, but it sure has been sweet. The smiles on others faces when they taste a Chocolate Popper for the first time brings us so much joy. Join us as we make the world Memorably Delicious!

Meet Our Team

Visit us at our new location!