Who are Natural Way Ambassadors?

We’re looking for active, health-conscious and environmentally minded individuals to represent the Natural Way brand. Ideal ambassadors must have a presence on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Pinterest or other social media.

Our brand is all about promoting a healthy lifestyle through loving the outdoors, eating well and protecting our natural resources. That’s why we want to inform the public how our no-stir nut butters with olive oil make a difference.


The Olive Oil Difference.

Right from the beginning, Natural Way made the decision to use olive oil instead of palm oil. Why olive oil you ask? Palm oil farming causes tremendous damage to the rainforests. It’s also a hydrogenated oil with added sugar that’s high in sodium.

On the other hand, the olive oil industry uses more sustainable practices and is better for the planet and your body. In fact, it is one of the healthiest oils on the planet!  

Most folks don’t know this. That’s why we need your help.

Ambassador Qualifications:

  • At least 5000 followers on social media
  • Able to do one post/video per week
  • Passionate about sustainability and improving the environment

Ambassador Examples:

  • Athletes
  • Outdoor Enthusiasts
  • Busy Moms
  • Health-Conscious Parents
  • Young People On-the-Go
  • Health Foodies
  • NATURAL STIR Nut Butter Fanatics

Ambassador Perks

  • Free Natural Way product samples for contests and giveaways
  • 75% off Natural Way Products
  • Meet other like-minded brand ambassadors in the Natural Way family
  • 10% commission on sales made from your channel
  • Customized discount code for you and your followers
  • FREE swag!