January 18, 2018

Every year, we go to quite a few events where we get the privilege to interact with a larger number of customers. One of the most enjoyable parts of our job is seeing the reaction on peoples’ faces when they try a sample of one of our chocolate poppers. And one of the next things that people tend to say right after trying a sample is that our Chocolate Poppers are better than a Reese’s peanut butter cup. This is always such a compliment to hear from someone that is sampling our product anywhere we go.

When Quinn and I started this company, we knew instantly, that we would be compared to our competitors such as a Reese’s peanut butter cup. We understood that we needed to provide a product that was better than the status quo that included high quality ingredients. We did not want to have any junk or preservatives in our sweets, we wanted to use real chocolate that tasted fantastic, and we wanted our product to taste fresh and inviting just like grandma’s cooking.

Throughout the first 3-4 months of starting our company, we went through a countless amount of ingredients to find just the right combination of quality products. Just chocolate alone, I believe we used 5 or 6 different types (both milk and dark chocolates) before we found the one we were happy with (was definitely frustrating, but so worth it in the long run!!). We use an organic chocolate as well as a natural peanut butter! Like I mentioned before, we did not take our choice of ingredients lightly, as we wanted to make the best tasting, no messing around product that we possibly could.

We stand behind our product 1,000%, which is why we will be doing quite a few taste tests in Northwest Arkansas this year to prove to you that our product truly is the best of its category! If you would like to participate in a taste test, or if you know of a group, team, or other business that might enjoy participating in a fun and exciting taste test, PLEASE leave a comment on this post! We would LOVE to hear from you and we will gladly try to work out a deal so that you can see just how Memorably Delicious our Chocolate Poppers are!! (Not to mention you get to eat chocolate and peanut butter!!!!!!)

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