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Six months. Wow it has flown by! October 1st marked six months since Simkins Brothers’ Sweets opened and what a journey it has been so far. When Austin and I started this company back near the beginning of this year, there were so many uncertain things that we needed to address. We were entering into an experience that neither one of us had ever been a part of before, but that didn’t stop us from taking a leap of faith for a business idea that we both truly believe in.

Before I venture any further with the learning and transformation that we have both experienced, I want to tell a little bit about what makes Simkins Brothers’ Sweets so special to Austin and me. The recipe and idea that inspired it all comes from our grandma, Alice Ann. When Austin and I were young we would look forward to the holidays each year, as it meant that we were going to make grandma’s famous chocolate covered peanut butter sweets. She would help us measure out the ingredients, then we would get our hands all covered in peanut butter gooiness as we mixed all the ingredients together. Finally, as we covered the insides in chocolate, we would plan who we were going to give our tasty creations to. It was always a blast to give them to friends and neighbors and see the smile on their face. The memories from those times spent with our family in the kitchen will always stick with us. We want our products to provide life-changing memories to everyone who tries them. When you eat a Chocolate Popper, you will be able to reminisce about your greatest memories, and maybe even create a few new ones.

Austin and I always got along growing up. A part of that unbreakable bond between brothers was a unique place for us to bounce ideas off one another. No idea was a bad idea. One day in late December of 2016, Austin proposed to me that we start a business making and selling the peanut butter sweets that we would make. I thought he was crazy at first, but as we talked through a possible plan, it became clearer that this idea could be something special. He had me hooked and we both agreed that we needed to put some serious thought into bringing what started as a crazy idea to life.

In January of this year, Austin and I began to put our minds together to organize everything that was needed in order to turn a dream into a reality. It had to begin with a name and Simkins Brother’s Sweets prevailed over a long list of options. Simkins Brothers’ Sweets embodies a name that honors our family and the strong bond between my brother and me. As we move forward, our story and strong family ties will remain a key component in making Simkins Brothers’ Sweets special. From there we looked to build the company from the ground up. There were countless hours spent brainstorming and meeting with others to gain knowledge and experience. And let me say, the Northwest Arkansas area is full of fantastic people. We have received tremendous support from the area we call home. Folks such as the Amerines at Start-Up Junkie Consulting, Sanjay Jenkins, and many more have been huge sources of guidance as our company grows.

As we moved past our grand opening on April 1, 2017, the real game began. A ton has changed since then. Our product name changed to Chocolate Poppers (just pop one in your mouth and you won’t be able to stop popping them), our company logo has changed, we have unveiled new packaging, a new website design has debuted, and much more. There were long nights to bring all of that to life. Many times an idea would be proposed and worked on, only to be scrapped later on. That’s the life of an entrepreneur. That’s what makes this journey special. The memories we are making now will be so valuable later on in life. Things will most likely not go smoothly at all times, but the ability to believe in the end goal and keep pushing toward that goal is vital. I am so thankful to have a business partner and brother who helps me do exactly that, and vice versa. As I mentioned before, we truly believe in our product and love embracing our company’s story. Now it is about going out and making what many have told us is impossible, a reality. We can’t wait to share in this awesome journey with you. Six months has flown by, and in six months more, Simkins Brothers’ Sweets has big dreams for being a Fayetteville company that can make the world MEMORABLY DELICIOUS!

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John Clark

November 10, 2017

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